Epigenomic and transcriptional determinants of microglial cell identity.

TitleEpigenomic and transcriptional determinants of microglial cell identity.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuteursGosselin, D
Date Published2020 Aug

Microglia perform multiple tasks that are essential to ensure proper cerebral functions, including synaptic remodeling, clearance of molecular debris, prevention of infections, and so forth. Furthermore, accumulating genetic and pathological evidence implicates microglial cell activity in the etiology of numerous neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders. Given this, efforts aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying microglial cell functions hold great potential for the development of novel therapies for various conditions affecting the central nervous system. In that regard, the application of paradigms in epigenomics to study transcription in microglia has provided significant insights into the molecular mechanisms that control the ontogeny and functions of these cells. With a focus on the roles of genomic regulatory elements and the epigenetic marks that control microglial gene expression, we review here recent key advancements in our comprehension of the epigenomic and transcriptional mechanisms that enable microglial cell development and activity.

Alternate JournalGlia
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