Association study of essential tremor genetic loci in Parkinson's disease.

TitleAssociation study of essential tremor genetic loci in Parkinson's disease.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsRoss, JP, Mohtashami, S, Leveille, E, Johnson, AM, Xiong, L, Dion, PA, Fon, E, Dauvilliers, Y, Dupré, N, Rouleau, GA, Gan-Or, iv, Z
JournalNeurobiol Aging
Date Published2018 Jun

A recent genome-wide association study identified variants associated with essential tremor (ET). The present study aimed to examine potential genetic overlap between ET and Parkinson's disease (PD). The top 22 variants identified by the ET genome-wide association study and 4 additional variants from previous studies were genotyped in a cohort of French and French-Canadian PD patients (n = 717) and controls (n = 595). Logistic regression analysis, adjusted for age and sex, was used to test for association between genotype and PD. None of the variants tested in the present study was significantly associated with PD. Our results do not support a role of ET-associated genetic variants in PD.

Alternate JournalNeurobiol. Aging
PubMed ID29398123