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We support

CTRN is proud to support initiatives that are in line with its mission.


Here are some of the initiatives we have supported:

CTRN supports the Canadian Brain Research Strategy (CRS): https://canadianbrain.ca/en/about/


We are also proud sponsors of the following events:

Neurasmus (https://cervo.ulaval.ca/en/neurasmus)
Brain in the lead (https://www.cerveauentete.ulaval.ca/)
Neurolinks (https://cervo.ulaval.ca/en/neurolinks)
Neurosymposium (https://neurosymposium.ca/en/home/)
Cervo conferences (https://cervo.ulaval.ca/conferences)
The Neuroforum Conferences of the University Hospital Center (http://www.crchudequebec.ulaval.ca/recherche/axes/neurosciences/neurofor...)
The CIRRIS Student Conference (http://www.cirris.ulaval.ca/en/students-events)
Cervo Science Days


Would you like to receive a financial contribution from CTRN?

Write to us at ctrn@neuro.ulaval.ca