Summary of the International Conference on Onco-Nephrology: an emerging field in medicine.

TitleSummary of the International Conference on Onco-Nephrology: an emerging field in medicine.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsCapasso, A, Benigni, A, Capitanio, U, Danesh, FR, Di Marzo, V, Gesualdo, L, Grandaliano, G, Jaimes, EA, Malyszko, J, Perazella, MA, Qian, Q, Ronco, P, Rosner, MH, Trepiccione, F, Viggiano, D, Zoccali, C, Capasso, G
Corporate AuthorsInternational Conference on Onco-Nephrology Participants
JournalKidney Int
Date Published2019 Sep

Onco-nephrology is an emerging field in medicine. Patients with cancer may suffer from kidney diseases because of the cancer itself and cancer-related therapy. It is critical for nephrologists to be knowledgeable of cancer biology and therapy in order to be fully integrated in the multidisciplinary team and optimally manage patients with cancer and kidney diseases. In a recent international meeting, the key issues in this challenging clinical interface were addressed, including many unresolved basic science questions, such as the high tumor incidence in kidney transplant recipients. To this end, 70 highly qualified faculty members were gathered from all over the world to discuss these issues in 8 plenary sessions, including 5 keynote lectures. In addition, 48 young nephrologists and oncologists were invited to present their original observations that were highlighted in 2 large poster sessions.

Alternate JournalKidney Int.
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