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Research Themes

Unlike the traditional model of research axes, TCRN's research programming is articulated around research themes. Defined following a detailed analysis of the interests and expertise of each of the researchers of the center and their research methodologies and aiming to facilitate "close" exchanges between our researchers, each theme brings together expertise ranging from molecular research and cell until its application in humans. Several researchers at the center are involved in more than one theme, the barrier between each of them being voluntarily fluid and permeable to foster collaborative work.

The themes are dynamic groupings of researchers, able to adjust to the changing environment of neuroscience research. They have no permanent purpose and can evolve. Thus, a new theme can be generated, either to exploit the strengths of our researchers, or to help strengthen our scientific and / or social commitment. Similarly, a theme may be lost if its relevance is no longer demonstrated. Our goal is to maintain 4 to 5 themes at a time, in order to have a critical mass of researchers in each of them and thus have a significant impact in the field chosen. The 4 current themes based on the forces present on the different sites are:

1. Aging and neurodegenerative diseases;
2. Pain and sensorimotor control;
3. Circuitry and neuronal plasticity;
4. Stress, sleep and mental health.