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Research day 2021



Dear colleagues and friends,

The Thematic Center for Research in Neurosciences (CTRN) is pleased to invite you to the 14th Neuroscience Research Day at Laval University to be held on Monday, November 22, 2021 at the Quebec City Convention Center.

After several months in virtual mode, we want to create an opportunity to see each other a little closer. Above all, we want to offer our students an opportunity to present their results and discuss with their peers in person. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not yet behind us. To provide you with a safe event under the circumstances, we have teamed up with the Convention Center, which has the necessary space and logistics capabilities. Holding the event at the University was not possible this year.

As usual, this Day is open to students, postdoctoral fellows, professors and clinicians who are members of the Université Laval network and involved in neuroscience research, as well as those interested in this area of ​​research.

The 14th Neuroscience Research Day at Laval University will put a particular emphasis on the next generation by providing students with an opportunity, rarer these days, to present their research work to their peers and by allowing young researchers recently recruited from our research centers to present their work to us through a conference. For the entire community, this remains a privileged opportunity to learn more about the work of others, to meet new colleagues and to establish fruitful scientific collaborations.

This day is also a unique opportunity to highlight the quality of the research of established researchers who help to promote Université Laval here and abroad. For the occasion, three CTRN member researchers will each give a conference under this year's theme: "Stress and mental health". This theme seemed to us to impose itself this year in this pandemic context.

As a guest speaker, we are honored to welcome Dr. Tracy Bale. Dr Bale is Professor and Director of the Center for Epigenetic Research in Child Health and Brain Development at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Her research focuses on the role of parental, prenatal and early stress on brain development and subsequent behavior throughout life. She is also the current president of the International Brain Research Organization.

In order to make this event possible in this exceptional context, we called on several sponsors who responded favourably: the Congress Center, the CERVO research center, the CIRRIS, the Axis de neurosciences du CHU de Québec, ZEISS, ThermoFisher , BioRad, Sarstedt, the Department of Psychiatry and Neurosciences, Bliq, the Quebec Network on Suicide, Mood Disorders and Associated Disorders and we are still awaiting confirmation from other valuable partners. The list will be updated on the website. We warmly thank them all!

Also, exceptionally, we have introduced registration fees for researchers (the event is still free for students and postdoctoral fellows). You will guess that the context leads us to a more expensive formula than in previous years. We hope you want to network with your peers as much as we do but, above all, to offer this experience to your students. Details on the registration process, abstract submission, schedule for the day, specific COVID-related measures and associated fees will be available shortly. We will keep you informed through our newsletter and on the website.

Note that if health conditions and government recommendations change, the event will take place virtually. In such a case your registration fees would be refunded.

Hoping to see you there!


Jessica Deslauriers, Christophe Proulx, Ayman El Ali, Marc Hébert, Shirley Fecteau and Caroline Ménard

Organizing committee for the 14th Neuroscience Research Day at Laval University