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IMPORTANT: Please note that the vaccination passport will be required as well as a photo ID.

To provide you with a safe event under the circumstances, we have teamed up with the Convention Center, which has the necessary space and logistics capabilities.

The Convention Center has adopted a Guide to sanitary measures, approved by Public Health. The following link presents the preventive measures to ensure the safety of their customers and staff at the Convention Center: https://www.convention.qc.ca/covid-19-coronavirus/

If you have any questions, please write to us at ctrn@neuro.ulaval.ca



You can use your personal laptop or a computer that will be made available to you by the technical team at the Convention Center. There will be a lectern on the stage from which you can operate your computer. There are USB-C and HDMI outputs. The projector and screen are in 16: 9 format.

A wireless microphone will be provided.

If you want to use the control room's computer, consider having your presentation on a USB key.

On your arrival or during breaks (depending on the time of your presentation) you can transfer your presentation to the control room computer. One person at the Convention Center is assigned to the audiovisual sector. If in doubt, ask Mireille Massouh, CTRN coordinator.



Boards are 4 feet high by 8 feet wide (double-sided). The display is done with "Velcro" which will be provided to you on site.

There will be two poster sessions: Block 1 (11:15 to 12:15) and Block 2 (1:00 to 2:00 p.m.). Each student only presents at one or the other of these periods. Each poster presentation will be evaluated by two reviewers. Typically, presentations last 3 to 5 minutes. Presenters should make sure to be present in front of their poster during their assigned session. The day will end with the presentation of prizes to the students who presented the best posters.

The abstracts of the scientific posters can be viewed on the Day's web page under the "Abstracts" tab. A "poster ID" next to the abstracts indicates the poster number and therefore the session at which the poster will be presented (Block 1 or Block 2).

Presentations of Block 1

You can place your scientific posters in the room provided for this purpose between 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Official reception is between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

You will need to collect your poster at the end of Block 1 (12:15) in order to allow the students of Block 2 to settle in.

Presentations of Block 2

You will be able to place your scientific posters during the lunch period (12:15 to 13:00).

You can collect your poster immediately at the end of Block 2 or at the end of the Day (5:30 p.m.), at your convenience.



The language of presentation is at your discretion. Some will make their presentation in French and others in English. For speakers, it is possible to present in French while keeping your slides in English.



The booths will be placed in the same room as the scientific posters. 

A 2 foot x 6 foot skirted table, 2 chairs and electricity (1 120 V 15 A socket) will be made available to you.

An "exhibitor's manual" will be sent by email to each exhibitor (sponsors and platforms) for more logistical details, particularly on the assembly and disassembly procedures.



Free wireless Internet service is available throughout the Convention Center.



The Center is located near many underground parking spaces located at Place Québec (accessible by rue Saint-Joachim), at the Marie-Guyart complex, at Place Haute-Ville (under the Delta Québec hotel) and, finally, at the D'Youville parking lot (place D'Youville). All of these spaces are connected by interior corridors for convenience. They are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During the week (during the day), it is strongly recommended to consider the use of sustainable transport (carpooling, public transport, Parc-O-Bus) due to the intense activities in the area and some repair work. For more information, please visit the Quebec City Convention Center website.

Parking is prohibited at all times on Promenade Desjardins (private entrance located between the Québec City Convention Center and the Hilton Québec hotel).



For all logistical questions regarding the event, contact Mireille Massouh: ctrn@neuro.ulaval.ca