PhD Excellence Awards

Each year, in spring, the CTRN offers doctoral excellence scholarships. 

Regular members of the CTRN are then invited to submit the application for one of their doctoral students. Note that for a given competition, a regular member of the CTRN can only apply for one of his students.

Recipients are committed to present their research as part of the CTRN's annual Neuroscience Research Day, which provides great visibility to their work as well as a rewarding experience.


Edition 2022

The 2022 competition is now closed.



Recipients of the 2021 Doctoral Excellence Award:

Clinical level:
Olivier Corbeil (Marie-France Demers)

Alric Pappathomas (Annie Vallières)

Fondamental level:
Marc Lebordais (Paul DeKoninck)
Vincent Clement (Francois Gros-Louis)
Alina Marymonchyk (Armen Saghatelyan)
Parisa Iloun (Lisa Topolnik)


It should be noted that Mrs. Élizabeth Poulin (Philip Jackson) also distinguished herself for a 2021 doctoral excellence scholarship. However, Mrs. Poulin obtained the scholarship from the Lemaire Family Foundation in the meantime, which does not allow her to accept the CTRN scholarship.


Recipients of the 2020 Doctoral Excellence Award:

At the clinical level:

Andrea Zangrandi (Supervisor Cyril Schneider)

Title: Brain connectivity and excitability in chronic pain: individualization of neurostimulation treatment


At the fundamental level:

Anne-Marie Castonguay (Supervisor Martin Lévesque)

Title: Des mini-anticorps à chaîne unique comme agent thérapeutique pour prévenir la propagation de l’alpha- synucléine dans un modèle murin de la maladie de Parkinson. Fonds «Maladies dégénératives et psychiatriques»

Cedric Happi Mbakam (Supervisor Jacques-P Tremblay)

Title: Insertion de la mutation A673T dans le gène APP par la technologie CRISPR/Cas9 PRIME editing.

Narges Karimi (Supervisor Frédéric Bretzner)

Title: Plasticity of reticulospinal pathways following incomplete spinal cord injury in the mouse.

Muhammad Umair (Supervisor Manu Rangachari)

Title: Role of sex differences in Multiple Sclerosis


Recipients of the 2019 Doctoral Excellence Award:

At the clinical level:

Thierry Provencher (Célyne Bastien)

At the fundamental level:

Maria Masnata (Francesca Cicchetti)

Katherine Picard (Marie-Eve Tremblay)

Sarah Beausoleil (Martin Parent)


Let's note that Mrs. Lea Rodriguez (Vincent Pernet) also distinguished herself for a scholarship of excellence at the doctorate 2019. However, Mrs. Rodriguez obtained the grant of the foundation of the Lemaire Family in the meantime which does not allow her to accept the CTRN scholarship.

We will be happy to hear the 2019 winners and Ms. Rodriguez present their work at the annual Research Day in November.



Recipients of the 2018 Doctoral Excellence Award

Here is the list of last year's recipients and the title of their presentation at CTRN Research Day:

Windsor Ting, Ph.D. student in Neurobiology, CERVO Research Center
Title: Investigation of Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity in the Corticomotor System of Rodents.

Charline Dambreville, doctoral student in experimental medicine, CIRRIS
Title: Changements de l’excitabilité cortico-spinale pendant une tâche locomotrice complexe chez l’humain

Nicolo Ilacqua, doctoral student in neurobiology, CERVO Research Center
Title: Structural and functional participation of the mitochondria-wrapping rough-ER (Wrapper) in Very-Low Density Lipoprotein biogenesis

Marie Roussel, doctoral student in neurobiology, CRCHU de Québec-UL
Title: Contribution des noyaux du mésencéphale à la récupération fonctionnelle de la marche après lésion médullaire

Héléna Denis, doctoral student in neurobiology, CRCHU de Québec-UL
Title: Les vésicules extracellulaires dérivées d'érythrocytes: biomarqueurs potentiels de la maladie de Parkinson




Récipiendaire bourse excellence au doctorat 2018