Present and future of microglial pharmacology.

TitlePresent and future of microglial pharmacology.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsŠimončičová, E, de Andrade, EGonçalves, Vecchiarelli, HA, Awogbindin, IO, Delage, CI, Tremblay, M-È
JournalTrends Pharmacol Sci
Date Published2022 Jan 03

Microglia, brain resident immune cells, modulate development, activity, and plasticity of the central nervous system. Mechanistically implicated in numerous neurological pathologies, microglia emerge as strong contenders for novel neurotherapies. Shifting away from merely an attenuation of excessive microglial inflammatory and phagocytic activities, current therapies aim toward targeting the complex context-dependent microglial heterogeneity, unveiled by large-scale genetic studies and emerging single-cell analyses. Although lacking the necessary selectivity, initial therapies attempting to target specific state-associated microglial properties and functions (e.g., inflammatory activity, phagocytosis, proliferation, metabolism, or surveillance) are currently under pre- or even clinical (Phase I-IV) investigation. Here, we provide an update on current microglial therapeutic research and discuss what the future in the field might look like.

Alternate JournalTrends Pharmacol Sci
PubMed ID35031144