You can use your computer or one of the "master" computers that will be made available to you (a mac and a pc). (Emerging researchers: see next section)

There is a lectern on the stage from which you can operate your computer. There are VGA and HDMI wires. The lectern is equipped with a gooseneck microphone. A wireless stick microphone is also available.

The projector is new and can project as much in 16: 9 as in 4: 3. The screen is in 16: 9 format. You can check the photos from last year event to get an idea of ​​the room and the screen.



Given the shorter format of your presentations we ask you to use a computer "master" (PC) that will be available to you.

Thus, you must have on hand your presentation on a USB key.

Upon arrival, you will be able to meet with the student in charge to transfer your presentation to the main computer.

The student in charge of assisting you with your presentations this year is Iason Keramidis:



You can place your scientific posters in the Grand Salon as soon as you arrive. The official reception is between 8h and 8h30. If you wish, the Grand Salon should even be accessible from 7:30.

The boards will be numbered from 1 to 70. Consult the participants' booklet to find out what your poster number is: it corresponds to your abstract number. Abstracts were placed in alphabetical order of first author. The billboards are 1 m high by 2 m wide. The display is done with "Velcros" that will be provided on site

This year, there will be two poster sessions to allow all presenters to also have the opportunity to view their colleagues' posters. The odd-numbered posters will be presented during the first session (11.10-12.00) and the even-numbered ones at the second (12.30-13.15). Presenters should make sure they are present in front of their poster during their session. The day will end with the presentation of prizes to the students who presented the best posters and a cocktail party at the Pub de l'Université Laval.



To give you better visibility, the kiosks will be placed at the main entrance of the Grand Salon. A tablecloth 5 feet long and two chairs will be at your disposal. According to your request, there is possibility of having an electrical outlet at the kiosk.

You can access the Grand Salon for assembly as soon as you arrive in the morning. The official reception is between 8h and 8h30. If you wish, the Grand Salon should even be accessible from 7:30.

The kiosks are being visited at the same time as the poster presentations and the dinner period. You can proceed with the disassembly after poster sessions or at the end of the lectures. The room is accessible until 19:00.


As a member of the university community, you can access the eduroam wireless network. Laval University also offers a free wireless Internet service for its visitors (UL_Visiteur_Guest). You only have to accept the terms of use to connect to it. No user code is required for this access:



For all logistical questions regarding the event, please contact Mireille Massouh:



Instructions for poster submission:

  1. Abstracts and posters can be submitted in English or French.
  2. Total length (including title, authors, abstract and spaces) has a maximum of 2500 characters.
  3. Title must be in UPPERCASE . The title cannot contain abbreviations.
  4. The authors section must contain, in uppercase, the full name (last name followed by first name) of the first author (presenter), then, in lowercase, the surnames and first names of other authors, the research centre or department.  Do not include the author's titles and responsibilities.
  5. The abstract must be in a single block of text, and not contain any line or paragraph breaks.
  6. Each section of the abstract must be identified by terms in uppercase: OBJECTIVES, METHODS, RESULTS, CONCLUSION.
  7. Abstracts must not contain references or acknowledgements.
  8. Do not insert any special formatting (lines and borders) in your abstract.
  9. RE-READ your abstract after copying it, and make sure special characters are included, as required.
  10. Note that poster boards measure 1m X 2m.  Your poster will be posted using velcros that will be given to you on location.

Download an example