Attribution bias and social anxiety in schizophrenia.

TitleAttribution bias and social anxiety in schizophrenia.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAchim, AM, Sutliff, S, Samson, C, Montreuil, TC, Lecomte, T
JournalSchizophr Res Cogn
Date Published2016 Jun

Studies on attribution biases in schizophrenia have produced mixed results, whereas such biases have been more consistently reported in people with anxiety disorders. Anxiety comorbidities are frequent in schizophrenia, in particular social anxiety disorder, which could influence their patterns of attribution biases. The objective of the present study was thus to determine if individuals with schizophrenia and a comorbid social anxiety disorder (SZ+) show distinct attribution biases as compared with individuals with schizophrenia without social anxiety (SZ-) and healthy controls. Attribution biases were assessed with the Internal, Personal, and Situational Attributions Questionnaire in 41 individual with schizophrenia and 41 healthy controls. Results revealed the lack of the normal externalizing bias in SZ+, whereas SZ- did not significantly differ from healthy controls on this dimension. The personalizing bias was not influenced by social anxiety but was in contrast linked with delusions, with a greater personalizing bias in individuals with current delusions. Future studies on attribution biases in schizophrenia should carefully document symptom presentation, including social anxiety.

Alternate JournalSchizophr Res Cogn
PubMed ID28740807
PubMed Central IDPMC5506709