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The mission of the Neuroscience Thematic Research Center (NTRC - neuro.ulaval.ca) is to promote research and training in neuroscience within Université Laval's network. 

The NTRC is an academic centre fostering active interactions and collaboration between researchers working in different areas of neuroscience, including basic neuroscience, neurology, neurosurgery, psychology and psychiatry.

Its purpose is to ensure that high quality research undertaken by its members will lead to a better understanding of normal brain functioning and the development of effective therapies to counter diseases that affect this complex organ.

The NTRC is a rallying point for all neuroscientists at Université Laval and in the Quebec city area, yet it is open to everyone interested in neuroscience in Quebec and around the world.


Benoit Gosselin

Benoit Gosselin receives the Génie innovation 2019 prize from the Order of Engineer of Quebec


Professor and Engineer Benoit Gosselin from Université Laval and his team won the Prix Génie Innovation 2019 from the Order of Engineers of Quebec for the invention of a miniature device to study the brain of freely behaving subjects using optogenetic and electrophysiology, two leading experimental methods in neuroscience. 


The Génie innovation prize aims to...

Félicitations à Philippe Bourassa, relève étoile Jacques-Genest  Mai 2019


Les fonds de recherche du Québec ont annoncé cette semaine les trois récipiendaires du mois de mai pour les prix relève-étoile. Parmi eux, Philippe Bourassa, étudiant au doctorat en sciences pharmaceutiques, sous la direction du Dr. Frédéric Calon. 

Le concours Relève étoile, nouvelle appellation du concours Étudiants-chercheurs étoiles, fait la promotion des carrières en recherche et...

New hope to slow down Lou Gehrig's disease - Jean-Pierre Julien's research featured on Quebec's Chief Scientist website


Read an article about research by Jean-Pierre Julien on Québec's Chief Scientist website:




It was found that 98% of ALS patients have aggregated TDP-43 protein in their cytoplasm—the substance that surrounds the nuclei of their nerve cells. These aggregates are responsible for the sufferer’s loss of function over time. The researchers relied on a...

Le Québec marche pour l'Alzheimer


Le samedi 25 mai 2019, marchez avec nous et faites un geste digne de mémoire.

Le samedi 25 mai prochain, la Fédération québécoise des Sociétés Alzheimer et les 20 Sociétés Alzheimer du Québec organisent la Marche pour l’Alzheimer IG Gestion de patrimoine. Cet événement annuel a pour objectif de sensibiliser la population à la maladie d’Alzheimer et aux maladies...

The 2019 Summer Neurophotonics Institute at CERVO


The activities of the 2019 Summer Neurophotonics Institute of the CERVO research center will begin shortly.


What is the Summer Neurophotonics Institute? It is an opportunity to attend, on Tuesdays at noon, tutorials about research that is done at the CERVO center. These tutorials will help you understand the basics of brain research and facilitate discussions with other...


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